GE Universal Remote Not Working (Solutions)

My friend said me that the GE universal remote is not working with Tv and other devices. He doesn’t know what is the reason behind the remote and why it is stopped working. I tested that remote with my devices, and here also the same problem occurred. Finally, I found the solution to resolve this issue. I will share my experience in this post. 

I’m working with different types of remotes, and have seen this kind of issue. I will cover all the aspects of why the GE universal remote is not working and give you the best tips like ge universal remote setup without code and more. Follow these tips to make your remote into working mode. 

Add New Batteries to the GE Universal Remote

You have to change new batteries in your remote when it stopped working or does not respond. It is a common issue when your remote suddenly stopped working. Remove the two old batteries and replace two AA batteries in the remote and test your device with this remote. 

Another issue is Power Cycle. You have to remove all the cables from all devices including the receiver also. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and correctly plug all the devices and restart your device. Now control your device with a remote. 

Remote Power Interruption

Make sure that you are using new batteries in the remote and remove them. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds and insert batteries in the compartment. After this, test your device. 

Check whether the infrared signals working or not. Press the power button continuously on the remote and see the small LED blink. Replace a new remote when your remote signals not respond. 

Program Your GE Universal Remote Again

Your remote may not work if your previous remote program is deleted or the version update of your smart Tv. Universal pairing issue is most uncommon, but it is also a considerable factor when your device not responding to the device. 

Note: When you remove remote batteries for more than 10 minutes, the remote program will be rested then, you have to reprogram your remote. There are two types of remote programming methods available you can choose from one of them. 

1. Auto-code search method

2. Code entry method

In the auto-code search method, the remote automatically adjusts its program. As well, in the code entry method, you have to enter the correct code while you are programming your remote. Most of cases, remote reprogramming will solve the not responding problem. 

Note: Remove the battery before programming your remote for 15 minutes and press and hold the power button before reprogramming. 

Choose the Correct Code For Your Ge Universal Remote 

CL3, CL4, and CL5 are remote model and versions, which has specific key code set. Three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit, which can be programmed based on remote mode and version. You can see a list of codes on this website or you can see them in the ge backlit universal remote control user manual. In the booklet, notice the version, model and brand name, and other information about the remote programming. If you want to know your remote model and version, remove the batteries from the compartment and find a sticker that contains the version model along with what kind of code is accepting the remote. 

In rare cases, remote controlling issues will happen due to remote improper code usage. To avoid this kind of error, read all the guidelines clearly and start programming. 

Check Broken Particles 

Usually, electronics broke themselves over time, and dust and impurities adhesive under the buttons, which act as resistance while pressing the buttons.

Open the remote body and clean it properly with air and alcohol-based cleansers to avoid physical resistance errors.  

Check If Remote In Shift Mode

In remote settings, shift mode is also another reason for your remote not working issue. You have to press and release the shift button on the remote to exit from shift mode. The small LED blinks, when your remote is moved from the shift mode, then your remote blinks. 

If you have the older mode remote and it hasn’t a shift button, then reprogram your remote. 

Why GE Remote Menu, Volume Channel Button Are Not Working

Some people may face menu, and not working issues, while others may face volume and channel changing issues. I will let you know how to solve these all problems now.

You never face any problem, if you correctly program your remote. If you still facing such problems, it means that your remote has been partially programmed. 

Turn single device only while programming your remote, turn off remaining devices that are accepting the GE universal remote. 

Each device and version has a specific ge remote code set, read all the guidelines about your device and model, version, and how to program GE universal remote with them. 

Re-program your remote with the correct key code while facing menu, volume, and channel changing issues.  Also, you can try the Auto-code search method. The remote sends a few codes to the device and is programmed with the right code itself.

After this, check all features that you would like to control your device. After programming, restart your device once to avoid minor power supply and interrupted errors. Note: Do not use already used code. Check all the conditions and guidelines carefully, before programming your remote. 


You get the solution if you try a few methods mentioned above. Updated versions, low battery conditions, TV settings, or any other device settings may cause GE universal remote is not working issue. If you are unable to control your device with this remote, even after you tried all the methods, replace the new remote.

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