GE CL5 Universal Remote Codes List & Programming

Operating multiple devices with multiple remotes is difficult task and also it kills our time. I don’t want to waste my time for searching remotes. I always prefer universal remotes, which allow me to operate our audio, video device in one remote. I will introduce you an excellent universal remote today. It will operate your all devices effortlessly. GE Universal remote allow you control your audio and video devices in single step. You can avoid keeping bunch of remotes on your table. You have to do programming changes in your remote to get these features. I will tell you two methods for ge universal remote setup. You can choose best one to operate your devices. I personally recommend this kind of remotes to operate audio and video devices. Direct Code Entry and Auto code search by the remote.

GE CL5 Universal Remote Codes List

I am providing all working ge cl5 universal remote codes here that based on your device and brand. You can choose best code for your device. I personally selected a few codes while testing my devices. These codes worked better and I am satisfied with them. I hope the list of codes may help you to program your remote and for ge cl3 codes check here. See this article carefully before start programming it will provide enough knowledge about remote programming. In this two methods are worked better for my devices and will work for your devices also. 

How To Program GE Universal Remotes with CL5 Codes

In this method, you have to enter the code manually by using remote keypad. Also, it mostly recommended method and easy to program with it. See the manual that came with your GE Universal remote. Select type of device (TV, DVD, CBL, BLUE-RAY) you want to program. There multiple device names and brands along their codes. You can choose any code base on your device.

Step 1: See the SETUP button on your remote, press and hold it for five to seven seconds. The red light will turn on and remain on after leaving the SETUP button of your remote. 

Note: The small red LED light (It will tell us the remote working status and also worked as signal receiver) located at front of your remote or front edge of the remote. 

Step 2: Now find the device on the remote you want to program. Press and release the device button once on your remote. (You can see symbols on the remote keypad such as TV, DVD, AUX, BLUE-RAY, CBL)

Step 3: Note down the 5-digit remote codes before proceed to program your remote. Enter 5-digit code by using remote buttons. The small red light will turn off after entering the 5-digit code. 

Step 4: Now test your remote and device to know the status of programming. Press the button based on your requirements. If it is works better for your device that’s so nice if, not repeat the programming with different codes. 

Note: You have to follow until Step 3 to program your remote again. Use different code when you try program second time your device.  

That your programmed remote may not work for your entire device features, or may work for a few features. Use some different 5-digit code based on your device, which may acceptable for your device. You can try auto code search method also. If you have combo device, then you have to use different codes for both device (TV/DVD combo). Every time you have program your remote, if you want to operate multiple device with single remote. 

Note: All the remote codes listed based on your device model and brand. Test all the features after your remote program. 

How To Program GE CL5 Universal Remote Without Codes

In this method, you don’t need enter any code manually. The remote stored data will ten codes to your device and make program itself and for ge big button backlit universal remote control manual go through this post. You can quick and effortlessly get accessibility of your device. Follow the steps of this method before start auto code search procedure. You don’t need enter any code in this method the remote will send 10 codes to your device based on device type and make program itself.

Step 1: Add new batteries in the remote. Turn on device you want to program with GE Universal remote. 

Step 2: Locate your remote to the device that you want to program. Press and hold the SETUP button on the remote. Release the SETUP button after a few seconds. Now you will notice the small red led light turn on. (The small red led light located at front of remote or front edge of remote.)

Step 3: Now press and release the device button the remote you want operate with your remote (For example TV, DVD, AUX, BLUE-RAY, CBL). In the remote the small red light will blink once and remain turn on. It confirms that your remote is ready to pair with the device. 

Step  4: Press and release the power button of the remote. The remote will send ten codes automatically to your device and get response itself. The small red light blinks multiple times while the remote sending codes to the device and remain on. 

Step 5: After this program, your device will turn of automatically. Turn on your device manually. 

Note: If your device not turned off automatically repeat the process until step 4. VOL+ is used for send codes again to your device. Press this VOL + button at step 4 when you trying to program your remote second time. Now the small red light will blink and remain turn on.  Now your device will turn off automatically. It confirms that your remote programmed successfully. After this, your device will turn off. This means you have found the correct code to your device. Repeat the same steps until your remote works, if your remote not working even after programming follow this method. Test all the function of your device and remote that you expect. 

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