GE CL4 Universal Remote Codes List & Programming

Searching multiple remotes is harder to me. I never spend much time to operate my devices; instead of I choose a single remote to control all of my devices. I will let you know about world’s best remote. It will save your time and easily operate your devices.  Let’s move to the topic.

GE Universal remote is designed to control multiple audio and video devices. You don’t need to keep bunch of remotes on your desk. To operate your devices with this remote you will need to do some programming changes in your remote. There are two methods available to program your remote, you can choose best one in it. Direct code entry or auto code search. It is the best and recommended method to program GE universal remote. It is quick and easiest way in the most cases.

GE CL4 Universal Remote Codes List

I added list of remote codes here base on your device and brand. You can easily find best for your device. I personally used a few codes for my device which working better for me. I hope these codes will help you. Read all the guidelines carefully before start program your remote even ge roku tv replacement remote 66814 codes too. I wrote two methods for your remote programming and tested these two methods for my devices also.

How To Program GE CL4 Universal Remote Without Codes (Auto Code Search)

Auto code search is allows you to program your device automatically with stored data of your GE universal remote. You can easily get accessibility in this method. You have to follow these all required methods to program your remote with auto code search and for how to program a ge cl5 universal remote without codes check this article. It is also best way, but it searches multiple codes for your device. It will select automatically best code for your device.

Step 1: Turn on your device you wish to program with GE Universal remote.

Step 2: Insert new batteries in your remote and just follow a few direct entry steps in this case.

Step 3: Point the remote to the device that you want to program. Press and hold the SETUP button in the remote for a few seconds that helps to prepare your remote for programming. Now the red LED remains on. After this, release the SETUP button. (The red LED light may be smaller and located top of the remote or front edge of remote.)

Step 4: Press and release the device button on the remote that you want to control. ( For Example TV, DVD, CBL, AUX) the red LED light will blink once and remain on. This step confirms that your remote paired with the device successfully.

Step 5: Press and release the power control button on the remote. In this case, your remote will send 10 codes to the device to connect with correct program. The red LED blinks ten times while sending code to the device and remains on.

Step 6: After this procedure, your device will turn off. Now turn your device manually.

Note: Repeat the same steps again until step 4, if your device not turned off automatically. Now press VOL + button. The remote will send 10 codes again to your device and the red LED remain turn on.

After this, your device will turn off. This means you have found the correct code to your device. Repeat the same steps until program your remote with your device or ge universal remote backlight not working method to fix. Test all the functions with your device using the remote.

How To Program GE Universal Remotes With CL4 Codes

See the manual book that included with your remote. Select the section of your device (TV, DVD, BLUE RAY, CBL). You can see multiple brands device names here. Find proper code and note down it.

Step 1: Press and hold down the SETUP button of your remote for a few seconds. The signal LED will turn and leave the SETUP button. The LED light will remain turn on.

Note: The small signal LED light located at top the remote or front edge of remote.

Step 2: Now select the device button that you would like to program on the. Press and release the device button once. (For Example TV, DVD, AUX, BLUE-RAY, CBL). The signal LED will blink once and remain on.

Step 3: Use the numeric buttons of the remote and enter the 4-digit code that you have selected in the list of device codes. The signal LED will turn off after adding the 4-four digit code.

Step 4: Point the remote to the device and perform test. Test all the button of remote to see a response of your device as you expect. Use different code and follow until step 3, if you are not able to operate your device with this setup.

Note: You have to follow all the steps that above mentioned, if you want to use a different code.

Sometimes these codes may not work for your device or a few functions may work. Try to programming a ge universal remote with other codes also, which may work better for your device. Try auto code search method if are not able to control your device with the code entry method. If you are using combination of devices such as TV/DVD combo, then you have to enter code for each device. Note all the remote codes based on your brand and start programming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use a single GE Universal remote for all my devices?

Answer: Yes, you can keep one remote to control all of your devices.

Q: Is GE remotes best for my Video and Audio Devices?

Answer: Yes GE Universal remote is best for your all devices. It allows you to control all of your device at once.

Q: What is the best method to program My GE Universal Remte?

Answer: There are two methods, you can choose best as your choice.

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