GE Universal Remote Codes & Programming

Universal remote controls have given a new meaning to entertainment. With just one remote, you can control all the devices of your home entertainment. GE universal remotes have all the features that one needs to have in a universal remote. So, if you got one for your home, then setback and relax because we will give you a piece of detailed information about the ge universal remote codes, working process, and programming methods.

GE Universal Remote Codes List

GE universal remotes can operate multiple theatre devices like TV, DVD player, BluRay, stereo systems, VCR, and other devices and let you enjoy your entertainment time. Connecting the universal remote with all the devices is easy as you need to enter a code. GE universal remote comes in three different versions, CL3, CL4, and CL5. All these versions of the remote require a different set of code to pair up with your devices. You can use the GE remote codes for CL5, CL4, and CL3 versions remotes and sync your device by following the programming guide that you will find further in this article.

Every device you want to connect to the GE universal remote requires a code like you need a code while pairing your mobile to another mobile via Bluetooth. Every device and every brand have a different code, you need to find the code for your device before pairing it. So, to make this complete process simple for you, we have listed down a list of working codes for your devices, you need to find yours and connect your device.

GE Universal Remote CL3 Codes

GE universal remote control comes in different versions, so like various devices, you need to have different codes for its various versions. There is a different set of ge cl3 universal remote codes, you have to find the device codes for the CL3 version of the remote before programming it with your desired device. You can check the list of CL3 codes given in the table below.

GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes

Similar to the GE CL4 universal remote codes, you will find a different code set for GE universal remote CL4 version. These codes are different for various brands of the device, you need to check the code that will work best for CL4. So for your ease, we have mentioned the list of CL4 versions of the remote here. Check out the CL4 code list on the table given below.

GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes

Another version of GE universal remote control is CL5. You can easily pair your devices with the GE CL5 remote by entering the correct GE cl5 universal remote code of your device that matches this version of the remote. We have listed down the CL5 codes for the different devices of the various brand here, you need to find the correct code that will sync your device to GE universal remote. So, check out the list below.

How to Program GE Universal Remote

Programming GE universal remote to your desired device is easy as it can connect to any device without troubling you much. But before jumping to the programming instructions, you need to find the version of your remote if you feel that hard the try program ge universal remote without code. So, to find out which GE remote version you are using, you have to take out the batteries from the back of the remote. After taking out the batteries, you will see a sticker on the remote which has information about the remote version. Once you find the GE remote version, now you can follow the simple programming steps mentioned below:

  1. Manually switch on the device (DVD, BluRay, TV, etc.) you want to program with the GE universal remote control.
  2. Now press the Setup key for a moment until the indicator light turns red. After the light turns red, click the device button you are pairing.
  3. Next, enter the device code. If the red light turns off after entering the code, that means you have entered the correct code.
  4. Now click the Power key, and your device will turn off, meaning your setup is complete.
  5. If the red indicator light does not turn off in Step 3, then you need to enter another code by following the entire step again.

How to Program GE Universal Remote Without Codes

Above, we have mentioned the programming guideline to connect your GE remote to the desired by entering the codes. But in case you couldn’t find a correct code for your device, then you can also sync your desired device without codes and ge big button backlit universal remote codes provided here. So, in such a situation you need to follow a few steps that are mentioned below. Just go through the given guideline and connect your device.

  1. Turn on the device you want to set up (TV, AUX, DVD, etc.).
  2. Carry your remote near the device you are programming with the GE universal remote.
  3. Now click and hold the Setup key on the remote for a few seconds until the LED button turns on.
  4. Press the device button (TV, AUX, DVD, etc.) on the remote.
  5. Now continuously press and release the Power key until the device turns off. If the device turns off, that means you have entered the correct code. You have to press the button for a long time because when you press the button, the remote finds the code in its database for your device and brand.
  6. Now press the Enter key to save the code.
  7. Now complete the programming process by pressing the Power key.

How to Reset GE Universal Remote

There are two methods to reset your GE universal remote control. These methods vary on the working condition of the remote control. If the condition of your remote is good and accepts your commands, then you can follow the first method given below. And if the Ge remote is not working and does not respond to the keys you press, then you will be required to follow the second method mentioned further.

Method 1:  You can follow this method when your remote is in working condition. 

  1. Click the Setup button on the GE universal remote and hold it for a few seconds until the LED light indicates, and then release it. The light will stay lit.
  2. Now click and release the Mute button.
  3. Next, click and release the button from the number pad of the remote. The LED light will now blink two times.
  4. Your GE remote has now reset to factory settings.

Method 2:  If your remote is not in working condition, then you can follow this method.

  1. Take out both the batteries from the GE remote and wait for 2 minutes.
  2. After 2 minutes, insert the batteries again.
  3. Before inserting the batteries again, you need to click and hold any key for a while.
  4. You might be required to follow this procedure 4-5 times.
  5. After that, your GE remote will be set to factory settings.

GE Universal Remote Manual

Usually, GE universal remote comes with a manual that has detailed information about the remote functions, programming guide, codes, and other necessary details. But in case you have misplaced your remote manual, then you can check all such important guidance here and sync your remote to all the home entertainment devices.

ge backlit universal remote user manual

Final words

GE (General Electrics) universal remote control is one of the most popular remotes which is designed specially to solve the common issue of the remote. It has amazing features that make your entertainment time a memorable one. In this article, we have tried to cover all the necessary information that you will need while programming your device with the GE universal remote control. We hope you find all the information mentioned here very useful for you and resolve your issue related to the GE universal remote. So, enjoy connecting your remote to the desired device and have a great experience.